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    The individual places via Google Earth            
Experience here with Google Earth a flight to the individual stations. If you move the cursor over a place name, you can see the respective photograph that my great-grandfather made during his travels to this place. If you click in the upper half, you will be redirected to Google Earth where you will be flown to the appropriate location. A click in the lower section takes you to the respective large photo. Please move the cursor over the image on the right. It is important that you have Google Earth installed on your computer (see below).

During the respective trips, I tried to get as close as possible to the location of the photographer. For a more accurate representation, it is important that you activate the option "Terrain" in the menu "Layers" . If no photograph appears in the map shown here, I do not have a suitable photo. But you can still drive with one click to this place.

To see this satellite image the free program Google Earth must be installed on your computer. You can download the program from .