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      On the way to get to know land and people  

  The two friends were traveling in Afghanistan to get to know the country and its people. As you can see on the pictures, this was done by motorbike or by horse. Unfortunately, I do not know where these recordings were made. In any case, these two photos were taken in the same place. In addition, the optical disk camera was on a tripod, because it is the same setting. The photos of these tours can be found here on the page under the photo albums.
"The photographer"
Afghanistan Kinder      
"Mr. Maass"
Moschee in Kandahar
When my great-grandfather photographed these children, my grandmother was in distant Berlin at about the same age ......      
"mosque in Kandahar"
text on the backside:
"for my opinion the most beautiful city in Afghanistan"
Unfortunately, neither letter nor the described diary have survived from this period . Therefore, I do not know how my great-grandfather felt without a wife and daughter. But I can imagine that it was not easy to live alone in a foreign country with a foreign culture. In contrast to today, the distances between the cultures were much larger. Letters were then, if they ever arrived, for weeks, maybe even months on the way. Therefore, I believe that the photo series of the children was caused by homesickness.
Below is a panoramic picture from Paghman, an idyllic village about 50 kilometers west of Kabul. Paghman was famous for its palaces and gardens. King Amanullah was also born there.
The photo shows Paghman taken from a road on a hill taken west.
  If you move the cursor over different parts of the overall view of Paghman, you can recognize individual buildings. These are detail enlargements of the original photos.
On the website of Ahmad Fraidoon Torialy you can see how beautiful these buildings once were.
Probably the picture on the right is a summer excursion the Germans made to Paghman. The sitting gentleman on the left could Dr. Gerber. My great-grandfather is the second from the right. The names of the other gentlemen are not known. Since he but with other Germans such. For example, if Mr. Standke Sonnabend and Bünte lived together, it could be these gentlemen. His friend Mr. Maass is not present.
"hotel in Bagman"    [Paghman]
During these tours he also met the exiled Emir of Bukhara. Alim Khan was the last Emir of Bukhara who was expelled from his homeland in 1920 by the Soviet troops of General Frunze. The land was then transformed into the independent Republic of Bukhara with the capital Samarkand. Later, Bukhara became part of the Soviet Union's Republic of Uzbekistan.
                            Unten: "The residenz of the Emir of Buchara"
in his exil in Afghanistan.
Alim Khan the emir of Buchara
        Die Residenz und Hofwürdenträger des Emirs von Buchara in seinem Exil in Afghanistan
"Alim Khan
the Emir of Buchara"
afghanistan Freunde  
  Above: "dignitary"      
          My grandmother told me that he also learned the Afghan national languages. Unfortunately, she did not know which Afghan languages ​​he knew.
Of course he made friends with Afghans. Here are two of his friends.                            
Afghanistan Familie
Lalander Afghanistan    
"the family of our hosts"
"Lalander seen from he hill"
One of his trips took him and his friends to the village of Lalande in central Afghanistan. He probably stayed here with the family photographed above. Lalander has a total of four photos.
During the non-working time, he was traveling near Kabul. However, he used his holiday to travel with friends to distant areas and countries. Here is a photo of a ride he probably made in 1926 to India. Maybe he was on vacation on the way home and drove from Dehli on Agra to Bombay. From there by boat via Aden and Naples to Berlin.  
Thaj Mahal                                    
Wilhelm Rieck, Parron und Baron Plessen
Thaj Mahal
Fort Agra in Indien
      Together with Mr. Parron (left) and Baron Plessen on the way to India. Maybe he was traveling home from Bombay.
The fort Agra
Karte Reise nach Indien von Kabul  Afghanistan
Bombay das Tor nach Indien
Bombay the gate to India
Museum von Bombay
museum of Bombay
Since I do not know in which order or when my grandfather visited the individual cities, I have not drawn a route. But maybe I still get hints from the descendants of Messrs. Parron and Plessen.