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        New job in Persia                  
Einzug von Habibullah Kabul Afghanistan   As so often at different times in all countries of the world, the progressive King Amanullah was overthrown in 1929 by conservative forces. The country sank into poverty and misery for a long time. King Amanullah lived in exile in Italy until his death in 1960. The Europeans had to leave the country.
Wache Habibullah in der Deutschen Schule  Kabul Afghanistan
"indentation of Habibullah"
  After the fall of Amanullah by conservative forces, my great-grandfather, like all other foreigners, had to leave the country. He then traveled with his own unreliable automobile "via adventurous ways" to Tehran. On this journey he was attacked by highwaymen and deprived of various items. Probably also his diary was robbed that he has led during his time in Afghanistan. But he stayed alive.  
"The guards of Habibullahs in the German school"
verlassenen britischen Grenzstation
Stadttor von Teheran
        In this deserted British border post, the group spent a day driving through the hot desert during the night.
Rathaus von Teheran
"a city gate of Teheran"
Warenniederlassung Bazar Teheran
"The Town Hall of Teheran"
Bank Ottoman in Teheran
"The bankhouse Ottoman in Teheran"

    From 1921, the then Shah Reza Chan modernized, similar to King Amanullah, the country. This opened up Europe, allowing European citizens to work in the country. Wilhelm Rieck used this development to find work there after he had to leave Afghanistan in 1929. Probably in Tehran he was offered work on a gunpowder factory. This powder factory in Parchin was under construction.
  "Warehouse Bazar Tehran.
Through skylights wonderful lighting effects are achieved as a result of incident sun rays. "
Partchin Iran Persien
  On this photo you can see the new job, a powder factory in Parchin. Parchin is located about 30 km south-east of Tehran. In the background is the highest mountain of Persia - the volcano Demawand. (Today, Parchin is one of Iran's controversial uranium reprocessing plants.)  
  Partchin Iran Persien
Translated from Persia
(Thanks to the family Nowzamani)
  „Engineer of the gunpowder company Partchin“
  Vorgesetzter in Partschin Persien Iran Oberstleutnant Schahkouli
„The machine house and the administration of the gunpowder company“
Deutsche Freunde zu Besuch in Partschin Persien Iran
  His superior "Lieutenant Colonel Shahkouli"  
  In Partchin Wilhelm Rieck went hunting in his spare time. Since he had a shotgun, as shown on the firearm card shown below, I suspect that he hunted birds. This firearms card was released on Monday Issued March 18, 1929.  
„German friends to visit“
Waffenschein Partschin Persien Iran
    Nr. 756 Federal office of security        
    29.08.1308 [persian calendar]
    „Permission to carry a hunting gun“    
    Name: Herr Rick          
    Name of the father:              
    Name of the family:              
    Facial characteristics: Eyebrows similar to blond
    Waffenart: double rifle shotgun
    Gun register nr. (serial number of the gun): 12
    Model nr.: 11227            
The owner of this document may carry the hunting rifle listed above.
The licence is not transferable.
The document is valid for one year: From 29th august 1308 until 29th august 1309. *
    Signed by: (Name: Not legible)        
        Stamp Federal office of security
*persian calendar
  Many thanks to family Nowzamani for the translation