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      Afghanistan in the early twenties  
When the german group arrived in Kabul, it was a city with mature infrastructure and great architecture. Under the foresighted King Amanullah Kahn , the country was on the point of departure for a new, great time. Of course, other Germans were ready in Kabul. Wilhelm Rieck has described different places of residence in his photo collection. These were a homestead for the Germans, a room in the German legation in Bagh e Babur, the castle of Amanullah grandmother, and finally a house in the garden of the Tape Taj Beg palace. In what order and why he changed, is not known. But more on that later.  
Masjid Shah do shamshira die
Moschee Grab Timur Schah Kabul Afghanistan
Moschee in Kabul Afghanistan
The mosque which was build over the tomb of Shah Timur.
„The new mosque“ at the bank of the river in Kabul - "then and now"
old castle in Kabul Afghanistan
old castle in Kabul Afghanistan
"old castle in Kabul"
our garden  in Darulaman Kabul Afghanistan
"our garden"
A few pictures which show the afghan horticulture at that time. Unfortunately it is not known where the gardens where. This is the garden of the German Legation which was located in the park of Bagh e Babur. Why my great-grandfather wrote "our gardens" - in the plural, I do not know.
pool with trees Kabul Afghanistan
Moonshine-photo 1920 Afghanistan    
"pool with trees"
Indoor pictures Afghanistan              
front of a mosque, 1920 Afghanistan
„Indoor pictures“.
                    The descriptions of the photos shown on the left are "Interior Shots". I was told that due to the early development of photographic technology, there are hardly any recordings of the interior. So these photos have a high rarity value.  
Indoor pictures Afghanistan  
"Indoor pictures view to the kitchen and the storragerrom"
a modernized afghan house, Kabul, Afghanistan The interior of a house is the realm of women. This is a very separate area, especially in Islamic societies. For this reason, strangers, if any, are not welcome there. Therefore, I suspect that this apartment was the home of a very friendly family.  
"a modernized afghan house"
                      woman in Burka  Afghanistan    
another modernized house Kabul, Afghanistan 1920      
  "another modernized house"
Ein Wandgemälde in einem Königszimmer
Afghanisches Wandgemälde
The front of a mosque with ornaments carved into pillars.
Königszimmer Kabul Afghanistan
       in kingsroom
These paintings can be seen in the painting "The King's Room" on the right side of the walls.  
"The King's Room" The picture shown on the right is, according to Mr. Bucherer, a guest room for high guests. If you move the cursor over the image, you will see that the room was inhabited at the time of photography. Probably from a technician (my great-grandfather?), Because on the bedside table a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.
But the modernization of Afghanistan should not be implemented only in architecture. King Amanullah had extensive reforms. In addition to the separation of state and religion, this included the introduction of compulsory education. He also ordered state employees to wear European clothing made of Afghan fabrics. If he met someone wearing a suit made of foreign fabrics, he would cut his suit with a pair of scissors. As his son told Prince Esanullah, his father also took a shovel to work with construction workers for half an hour if the work went too slow for him. What was probably angering many conservative religious forces was also the abolition of women's veil duty.  
In his memoirs, Dr. Gerber the folk festivals in Pagman to which also the European foreigners were invited. My great-grandfather photographed the various attractions at one of these festivals. In addition to elephant races and singers ("Not nice but noisy!"), The major events included wrestling matches. As can be seen here, even a grandstand was built for these elephant races.
Zuschauer Elefantenrennen Kabul Afghanistan  
  Elefantenrennen Kabul Afghanistan  
"The audience"
Elefantenrennen Kabul Afghanistan    
"Elefantrace in Bagman" [Paghman]
  Musiker Kabul Afghanistan  
Ringkampf Kabul Afghanistan    
"He didn´t sing nice but loud..."
  Elefantenrennen Abfahrt von König amanullah im Rolls Royce Kabul Afghanistan  
"Departure of the emirs from the race"